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Getting started

A short video to teach you how to play G, A, B, low D, low E, high D and high E on a diatonic flute or soprano recorder. 

choosing instruments

instrument Parade

Need help choosing instruments? I demonstrate the Choroi pentatonic flute and diatonic flute as well as a variety of recorders.

Choosing Instruments

Trying to choose just the right instrument for your child, your goals, and your budget? Considering piano, strings, guitar, drums? This video gives you some information to consider as you make your choices.

working with music unfolds

Music Unfolds - Introduction

Learn more about Music Unfolds, by Kimberly Parsons and Melisa Nielsen of Waldorf Essentials. This is a Waldorf-true, Kodaly-inspired music curriculum for Grades 1-3 to learn singing, playing pentatonic flute and recorder as well as reading music notation. 

Music Unfolds - Under 7

What to do with your child under 7? This video gives you some ideas and resources that follow Waldorf pedagogy.

Music Unfolds - Grades 1 and 2

I share about what the Grade 1 and Grade 2 student learn in music.

Music Unfolds - Grade 3

I share about what the 3 student learns in music.

Music Unfolds - Starting "Late."

How can you use Music Unfolds with a child over 10? This video has some ideas for you. 

Music Unfolds - From "Whole to Parts"

Teaching from whole to parts is a defining feature of Waldorf education. What does that mean for teaching music? This video answers this question and others.

Music Unfolds - From Singing to Playing

Curious how to transition from singing to playing the pentatonic flute or recorder? This video will help.

Heading 5
Sing & Play Along