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The All Members section is available to all site members. Here you will find a small sample of the homeschool curriculum we offer - Waldorf-inspired music, parent seminars, Spanish curriculum, and complete multi-age cross-curricular blocks.

Product-specific pages are for those who have purchased that product.
To access the member pages, you will need to request site membership to access member pages. 

I will send you a message once you are all set up - usually within 2 business days. You will need to visit the site, hover over "Member Login" in the menu bar and click on your item in the popup menu. On the next screen, under the button, you will see, "Already a member? Login." CLICK directly on the word "Login," enter your information and you should then have access to the page with video links.

Please remember that you must not share, sell, or barter away your password! All content on the site is copyrighted and sharing, selling, or bartering for it violates the law and will result in immediate removal from the site as well as legal action. Plus, it's just not nice! For more information, please see our Privacy & Terms page.

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