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I wrote this block for my own children as a way to introduce them to how our government works in a holistic way. All of the guides I found online were too neat, too cute with lots of worksheets, but no truly engaging content. It was important to me to help them truly engage with this amazing, complex, inspiring country that is also mind-boggling, heart-breaking, and has such a long way to go to realizing our ideals. Most of all, I wanted them to begin to understand their vital role in the future of our nation.


Target age for this guide is 12, but it is designed for family study. You will find things for a broad spectrum of ages, starting around age 8. I've included a brief introduction to the separation of powers, the Constitution, the functions of each branch, voting, and additional ways for people to be active in politics. See the sample here.

U. S. Government

  • 58 pages. PDF. 

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