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This Waldorf-inspired mini block is for Grade 2/Approx. age 8. It would also work for multi-age family study. It is written as 8 lessons - two, four-day weeks - but could be adapted easily for another block of time.


In this 47-page resource you will find:


  • Story Content - No Extra Books Required
  • Picture Book, Reading List, Link Recommendations
  • Block Project Ideas
  • Verses, Songs, Playlist
  • Handwork Tutorial for Parents/Caregivers
  • Map Work
  • Nature Study
  • Coloring Sheets
  • English and Language Arts Connections - Word Work, Summaries, Copy Work, Poetry
  • Lively Arts - Drawing, Painting, Puppetry
  • Charitable Work Ideas
  • Biscotti Recipe
  • Science Connections - Light, Citizen Science Activities
  • Pet Care Chore Chart
  • Pet Investigation Guide
  • Living Nativity Information
  • Word Search

St. Francis of Assisi

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  • 47 pages. PDF. 

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