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Eight simple songs for singing (or playing!). Built on the pentatonic scale, each song is fun to sing and is arranged for playing on pentatonic or diatonic flute/recorder. Includes sheet music with and without note names printed above the staff and mp3s of me singing every song. These are not top-of-the-line fancy recordings - just me, singing it like I would sing it for a group of children in my classroom. 


Song List:

1. Deedle Deedle Dumpling (Passing Game)

2. Rocky Mountain

3. Go 'Way, Old Man

4. Scotland's Burning (Canon/Round)

5. Fishpole Song

6. Sourwood Mountain

7. Going Down to Cairo

8. Riddles


17 pages, 8 mp3 files.

More Pentatonic Songs

  • Zipped file includes 1 PDF and 8 mp3 files (voice only).

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