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Flutes are a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for delivery, US addresses only.


Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Flute - No Tone Block Choroi flutes are my personal favorites for working with children and for my own playing. Their sound is simply lovely - clear and mellow. They feel warm in the hand and they are easier to play than other instruments I have tried. This flute is for Grades/Years 1 and 2. (Grade 3 requires a diatonic instrument.) The Quinta Pentatonic Flutes were specially developed for children to support their free-playing. These flutes are easy to play. In particular the labium without a tone block enables you to play with a relaxed mouth posture so your air is flowing free. Pear wood. 6 finger holes, range: d''-e''-g''-a''-b''-d'''-e'''Accessories: wooden cleaning swab, cotton flute bag, manual Made in Sweden. US SHIPPING ONLY

Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Flute

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • For health and safety reasons, there are no returns on Choroi Flutes. Please make your selection carefully!

  • Shipping to contiguous United States only. All flutes will be shipped with tracking and insurance. Shipping is additional and is calculated at checkout. 

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