Swedish Fairy Tales for Kindergarten

We are finishing up a block of Swedish Fairy Tales with my Kindy 2 child and I wanted to share what we've been doing. Like you, I wear a lot of hats. But the one that is my top priority is the homeschooling mom hat. Though we never planned to homeschool, now that we are 5+ years in, I see the benefits more every day - and my reasons for homeschooling continue to accumulate.

One of the things I enjoy most about our path is the flexibility I have in choosing what my children learn, how they learn it, and when they learn it. There is so much room for creativity! And in fact, creating curriculum for my specific kids is what Waldorf is all about!

I'm finishing up a block with Cheech that I thought I'd share here. (Cheech is not his real name - it's what I call him on the internet.) It's been so much fun, an easy one to put together - and if, like me, you are always looking for ideas for something a) fun and b) easy, maybe it will inspire you. We are finishing up kindy 2 this summer (we school year-round), so his time is still very gentle, firmly rooted in story, without any emphasis on academics.

I had planned an entire block for December centered on Swedish heritage. My husband's side of the family hails from there and I happened to spend a good part of my childhood in a region heavily populated with Swedes (and Norwegians - uff da!) Scandinavian folklore, art, and food evoke feelings of "home" for me and at the holidays, when I am especially homesick, I thought that would be a great time to do an easy little block on the topic. However, life had other plans and I didn't get to it! (No worries - it's on the block calendar for next year!)

In the meantime, I had a three-week block open for my kindy boy and this is how I filled it! All of the stories came from Swedish Folk Tales illustrated by John Bauer published by Floris Books. (Not an affiliate link.)