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Launch Week: Hearth & Gnome

This week is launch week for Hearth & Gnome - the week when I publish the site and invite a small group of friends, family and current clients to take a look. Our big launch is set for April 30 and I have mixed emotions!

I'm a bit anxious. Will anyone visit? If people visit, will they like what they see? How will I know if I've been successful? What does "successful" even mean?

I'm also excited! The products I have in my shop - and the products I'll be adding - are things I've created, things I've used, things I know have been enjoyed by own kids and the children I work with weekly. I'm thrilled at the prospect of sharing them with a wider audience and the idea that my work might enrich someone else.

And, honestly, I'm tired! I am a homeschooling mama just like many of my target customers and it's labor-intensive, to say the least. Plus, I teach a weekly preschool song circle, have a growing private lesson studio, I am a professional chorister and church music director--and did I mention I'm a homeschooling mama? Working on this new venture in free moments between being a mom and homemaker, teaching lessons, rehearsals, services, and prepping for my class has been challenging. Exciting - but challenging!

Finally, I'm grateful. A unique set of circumstances brought me to this place equipped with my unique skills, resources, contacts and supports. My family and friends have been so supportive and I couldn't do this without them.

So here I am, anxious, excited, tired and grateful, planting little seeds and trusting they will grow.

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