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Launch Day!

Tomorrow is my official launch day for Hearth & Gnome! I am very excited about the products in the shop, the promotions I have scheduled, and my plans for the future.

In the shop, you'll find several of my Song & Story Circles for preschool through early elementary school children. In 2012, we were living in a mid-size central Texas town. I had a thriving private lesson studio and opportunities to teach private lessons in local schools, regular church jobs, and a sweetheart gig playing for a youth chorus founded by two of Texas' best choral directors. Then, we moved to a tiny East Texas town, population 2006 almost an hour away from a city of size. I really craved opportunities to share my love of music with children and youth, but it was extremely difficult to find opportunities. The very first place to welcome me on a regular basis was one of our local daycare centers and I discovered that I love preschool music! I love the excitement each week when I walk into the classrooms with my basket of goodies. I love their curiosity, their complete engagement! I love surprising them with new songs and characters, and I love helping them experience the rhythms of the seasons. And, based on the hugs I get each week - even from children who have graduated and are in elementary school now - I think they love me, too! I know it can't possibly be my personality (junior high kids are my spirit animal), so I know it is the music. I'm excited to share the best of my work with real-life kiddos here with you. I'll be adding a new Song & Story Circle each month starting in July.

You'll also find Song & Story Circles in Spanish! I believe that learning another language is not just practical, it is fundamental to being a world citizen. And though I am a non-native speaker, I know enough to teach my children the basics and these circles come from my work with my own children. I know parents and teachers are busy, and I'm hoping that my simple lessons will be helpful to you. I've done all the legwork tracking down verses, finger plays, basic cultural information, finding folk songs, and creating new songs--and tying it all to children's literature available in Spanish. I'll even send you the book if you don't have one! Just order the version that says "With Book." I'll be adding a new one each month beginning in June.

Finally, you'll find Music Unfolds, a Waldorf-true, Kodaly-inspired curriculum for Grades 1 through 3 to help you teach singing, pentatonic flute and diatonic flute/recorder, and music reading. It is the only curriculum to teach all three and the only one like it on the market. The lessons integrate with what you are already doing and follow a gentle, incremental path. No need to spend large blocks of time on music instruction - just a few minutes per day sharing the beauty of music with the children in your life. The complete curriculum includes 92 songs and 92 instrumental mp3s and access to online video of each song. Currently, that video content is only available on Facebook, but I'm working on that!

You can buy Music Unfolds in a bundle of all three years, or just one year at a time. If you're just getting started, I strongly recommend you start with Volume 1, even if your child is older. See my free video, "Starting Late" for more info. You can also choose the digital-only version or the digital AND print! I'm working with the printer to have those available on or before June 30. (I aim to under-promise and over-deliver!) So if you prefer a hard copy, but need something now to begin your planning, you can have the best of both worlds with the digital plus print option.

I hope you find something here that you like and visit regularly. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list. You'll get my Spring Freebies - 6 Spring songs plus instrumental mp3s just for signing up. I'll never share or sell your address and I promise not to be spammy. Pinkie swear.

Thanks again for stopping in, thanks for reading, and thanks for your support. Hearth & Gnome is just one more way for me to share my love of music with children - the children in your life. I appreciate your visit.

Me & My Gnomies

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