Many people feel self-conscious about their singing voice. Maybe you have been told your voice is "too low," or your aren't singing in tune. Maybe you would just like some ideas for how to improve your singing. Or maybe you are struggling with the children you teach to match pitch or sing with a more beautiful tone.


Join me for Vocal Explorations, an online session. This 45-minute class will be delivered LIVE via Zoom Thursday, November 5, at 4 p.m. Central Daylight Time and seats are limited. Can't attend live? The session will be recorded for you to view later.


Here is what you can expect from this session.

  • Simple tools for identifying pitch matching problems.
  • A discussion of commercial music and its influence in vocal habits.
  • Common issues for young singers and ideas for helping them overcome them.
  • Strategies for unlocking the complete range of the voice.
  • Fun exercises for improving singing skills.


No musical background is required and participants will not be asked to sing for anyone. To get the most benefit from this session you will need paper, pencil, and an open heart. Seats are limited! Participants will receive a confirmation email immediately after purchase. One week before the class, you will receive an email with all the details. 


I hold a Master of Music degree in voice and nearly 25 years experience teaching music to children, teens, adults, and even other music educators from various backgrounds and skill levels. Let me help you bring music to the children in your life simply, effectively, and joyfully.

Vocal Explorations

  • You will receive an email confirmation and link to download the class information immediately upon purchase. One week before the class, you will receive an email with all of the details.

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