This block is perfect for the Waldorf-inspired Grade 2 or early Grade 3 child. Families who enjoy a literature-based guide for unit study will also enjoy this block.


In this learning guide based on The Adventures of Peter Cottontail by Thornton W. Burgess, you will find nature study elements, creative writing, and phonics review. There are many additional elements in this learning guide as well. It is written as ten lessons, but adapt to suit your own family rhythm. You will find:


  • 4 Verses
  • 3 Songs
  • English and Language Arts Connections - Vocabulary, Idioms, Rhyming Words, Suggested Phonics Review, Creative Writing
  • Math Connections: Linear Measurement, Clock Time, Calendar Time
  • Nature Study
  • Lively Arts - Drawing, Modeling, optional Play
  • Form Drawing
  • Handwork - Knit,