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Simply Music is a new Waldorf-true, Kodaly-inspired curriculum for Grades 1-3 to help you teach singing, playing pentatonic flute or diatonic flute/recorder and music notation. You get three years of curriculum, instrumental mp3s of every song, and online video access to every song, sung and played. If you faithfully follow the curriculum, your child will be singing, playing, and reading music notation as Steiner intended by the end of Year 3. How is it different than Music Unfolds? Simply Music is non-seasonal - it works in Northern and Southern hemispheres. Start at any time of year, in any season. It includes just 40 songs and all of the song choices, all of the planning has been done for you. I tell you which songs to teach for singing and which to teach on the instrument each month. Simply Music is just music - no extras - except for a few brief stories when you first introduce the flute in Grade 1. It's simple and easy to implement! See a comparison here. View a Sample here. To access the videos, you must create a member account. Permissions will be set within 2 business days allowing you to access the page. Then head to your members area, login, and get started.  Digital file only.

Simply Music - Digital

$85.00 Regular Price
$42.50Sale Price
  • Zipped folder includes 1 PDF (162 pages, 15.5 MB) and 44 instrumental mp3 files. 

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