This listing is a pre-order. You will receive Lessons 1 and 2 immediately and future lessons will be released September, October, November, and December of 2020 and January, February, March, and April of 2021. As lessons are available, I will send them to you via email - easy peasy. And when all the lessons are completed, I will package them in one, beautiful volume and send you the entire file as well as your hard copy. Pre-order now for significant savings - and know that your patronage helps me continue creating, especially during this pandemic!. 


Puentes al Español 2 is a second volume of Spanish circle times that picks up where Volume 1 left off. In just minutes a week, continue building your child's vocabulary, bank of conversational phrases, and appreciation for Spanish-speaking world cultures.


Volume 2 will be released just as Volume 1 was - one lesson per month over ten months. Lessons are non-seasonal so you can begin any time of year.


Each of the ten lessons will include: 

  • A simple, beautiful, themed lesson including vocabulary and conversational phrases.
  • Verses and songs.
  • Game-like practice activities - no flashcards or worksheets.
  • Extension activity ideas including crafts, recipes, and more.
  • An instrumental mp3 of every song.
  • Video of every component  - every vocabulary word, conversational phrase, rhyme and verse.
  • PLUS, Volume 2 includes ideas and samples for Main Lesson Book pages.


For the cultural element, Volume 2 will be a bit different. In Volume 1, you visited a different Spanish-speaking country or territory. In Volume 2, I will be sharing a folk tale from Spanish-speaking countries or an adapted fairy tale. For Waldorf families teaching Grades 1-3, you will find stories to fit your child's soul development and dovetail beautifully with your main lessons. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this part of Volume 2!


See a Sample of Volume 1 here!

Puentes al Español 2 - Digital+ Print

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  • July 2020: 15 page pdf, 2 mp3s. Lessons will be sent as described above.

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