Lessons for the 2021/2022 school year begin in September. Before purchasing, please message me!  


In these one-on-one sessions, I will help you or your child age 7+ along a musical journey. Before our first session, I will touch base with you, the parent or caregiver, to learn more about your unique needs and then create a tailor-made series. Live sessions will be held on Zoom. Parents/caregivers are highly encouraged to attend along with the child. We will sing, play flute/recorder, and more. Each session is 25 minutes long.


Please note - I live in Texas on Central Standard Time. 


Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a link to download a one-page pdf about these sessions and I will be sending you more information via email about studio policies, scheduling, and technical stuff. (Don't panic! You can do it!)


In addition to an adequate internet connection and Zoom access, you will need instruments (flute or recorder, one for parent/caregiver and one for the child). Older students may also need printed stave paper. Generally, I provide any needed digital materials free of charge.


Questions? I look forward to hearing from you!

Flute/Recorder Lessons - Series of 4

  • There are no returns on live classes. If you must miss for illness/emergency, please let me know 24 hours in advance and we will reschedule. If I am unable to make your session for illness/emergency, we will reschedule.