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This block is perfect for fine-weather days wherever you live. For our family, it was a way to continue our family learning rhythm lending structure to our days, but in a more expansive, relaxed way. This block can be a beautiful out breath. Review some concepts and skills and give them what they most need in this moment: beauty, stability, and fun as a family.


In this learning guide based on Old Mother West Wind by Thornton W. Burgess, the primary focus is on nature study. There are many additional elements in this learning guide as well. In this 51-page resource organized into 15 lessons you will find:


  • 4 Verses and 5 Songs
  • English and Language Arts Connections - Vocabulary, Suggested Phonics Review, Copy Work, Writing Prompts and Skill Builders including Letters to the Editor, newspaper submissions, letters, and a radio program
  • Math Connections
  • Nature Study
  • Citizen Science Activities - Participate in real-world scientific research
  • Ecology - Wind Power, Balloon Debris, Sentinel Species
  • Map Making
  • Lively Arts - Modeling, Painting, Collage, Drawing
  • Handwork
  • Recipes
  • Outdoor Activity Ideas
  • Sensory activities
  • Starting a family gratitude practice
  • Internet links to wildlife videos and the complete anime series based on the work of Thornton Burgess!


This block is for families following a Waldorf-inspired path and/or families who enjoy unit-style studies will also enjoy this block. Target age is 7-12, though older children may also find it captivating. 

    Old Mother West Wind

    • 51 pages. PDF.

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