Music Unfolds is a Waldorf-true, Kodaly-inspired curriculum for Grades 1-3 to help you teach singing, playing pentatonic flute or diatonic flute/recorder and music notation in three volumes. It is the only curriculum like it on the market! This is Volume 2 only. It is for Grade 2 or the child of around 8. Included are 32 songs, 32 instrumental mp3s and access to exclusive video content of songs. By Kimberly Parsons (Hearth & Gnome) and Melisa Nielsen (Waldorf Essentials).


View a Sample of Music Unfolds Complete here! Please note that Music Unfolds Volume 2 includes the introductory material, Grade 2 material, and appropriate Appendices onlyThe Sample is for the complete curriculum.


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Includes stories, recipes, and handwork to help you bring music to life according to Rudolf Steiner's principles. Completely revised as of April 2018. 126 pages. Digital file only.

Music Unfolds Volume 2 - Digital Only

  • Zipped folder includes 1 PDF and 32 instrumental mp3 files.