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An instant dowload of Music Unfolds

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Access to 4.5+ hours of video instruction via Firm Foundations


Music Unfolds is a Waldorf-true, Kodaly-inspired curriculum for Grades 1-3 to help you teach singing, playing pentatonic flute or diatonic flute/recorder and music notation in three volumes. It is the only curriculum like it on the market! This version is all 3 volumes in one - all 92 songs, all 92 instrumental mp3s and access to exclusive video content of songs. By Kimberly Parsons (Hearth & Gnome) and Melisa Nielsen (Waldorf Essentials). Includes stories, recipes, and handwork to help you bring music to life according to Rudolf Steiner's principles. Completely revised as of April 2018. 306 pages. See a sample here.


To access the videos, you must create a member account. Permissions will be set within 2 business days allowing you to access the page. Then head to your members area, login, and get started.


To receive your print copy, please add your mailing address. Shipping times are currently 2-3 weeks in North America. Shipping times beyond the continent may be longer.


Firm Foundations is a series of six video lessons to help you teach music to your children. Once you have completed your purchase, look for an email with instructions for accessing the video files.


Lesson 1 - Getting Started. How is Waldorf music education unique? Choosing materials and supplies, inner work for music teaching, planning your year and your lessons, and using the most important instrument - your voice!


Lesson 2 - Teaching Songs for Singing. Tried-and-true strategies for teaching your children to sing beautifully, accurately, enthusiastically, and from memory.


Lesson 3 - First Lessons. Presenting, introducing, and caring for your instrument. Laying foundations for beautiful, accurate playing. Tools for transforming songs for singing to songs for playing.


Lesson 4 - Music for Children 9+. Naming musical concepts and skills - first steps in reading music notation. Strategies for teaching rhythmic concepts, melodic concepts, and more. How to incorporate other art forms and create practice activities. Starting "late."


Lesson 5 - Introducing Harmony. How do we know if children are ready? A map for success. Strategies for introducing and practicing in groups - and what to do with just one child.


Lesson 6  - Bringing It All Together. What does success look like? Ending at the beginning.


You get 4.5+ hours of inspiration, instruction, and demonstration. No musical background is required.


I have nearly 25 years experience teaching music to children, teens, adults, and even other music educators from various backgrounds and skill levels. Let me help you find your inner musician and bring music to the children in your life simply, effectively, and joyfully.

Music Unfolds Bundle

  • Zipped folder includes 1 PDF and 92 instrumental mp3 files.