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St. John's Tide is a summer festival celebrating the birth of St. John the Baptist. 


This collection is not a circle time. I'm sharing a collection of verses and songs for use in your own family or co-op celebrations during the month of June. There are three verses and five songs (two of which can be sung together if you have older children). Six of these have been previously published in  my other materials. I've also included a few recipes and crafting ideas as well as links to my favorite resources for inspiration and materials.



1. Family St. John's Tide Planning (brief summary of what our family does).

2. Bee, Bee, Bumblee - Verse

3. Bee, Bee - Melody

4. Bee, Bee - Descant (Can be sung with the Melody line)

5. Busy Little Bee

6. Here is the Beehive

7. One Little Bee

8. Hail, Harbinger of Morn

9. Down to the River to Pray

10. Resources List


You'll receive a PDF (8 pages) and 5 mp3 files - instrumental only

Music for St. John's Tide

  • Zipped file includes 1 PDF and 5 mp3 files (instrumental only).

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