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Music for Passover: Include music in your Passover study and celebration at home or in your co-op. In Waldorf education, Hebrew Bible stories are part of the Grade 3 year, i.e. for children around the age of 9. In music, this is often the year when children transition to playing the diatonic flute and explore minor modalities. This set includes five songs, all perfect for singing. All must be played on a diatonic flute/recorder - you cannot play them on a pentatonic flute - and range from early intermediate to late intermediate skill level on flute. 



1. Dayenu - It Would Have Been Enough (Abridged)

2. Eliyahu Hanavi - Elijah the Prophet

3. L'shana Haba'ah - Next Year in Jerusalem!

4. Chad Gadya - One Kid

5. Shalom, Chaverim - Peace, Friends


You'll receive a PDF (13 pages) which includes notation AND notation with the names of the notes WRITTEN IN and 5 mp3 files - instrumental only - for download immediately. I will send you the video link separately. The file is too big for this webhost to send automatically. In the video, I sing and play every song to help you learn it more quickly and easily. 

Music for Passover

  • Zipped file includes 1 PDF and 5 mp3 files (instrumental only). Link to video access sent separately after purchase.

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