This listing is for pre-ordering the curriculum - it is not yet completed.  This download is Lesson 1 only. Future lessons will be released in August, September, October, November, and December of 2020 and in January, February, March, and April of 2021. As lessons are available, I will send them to you via email - easy peasy. And when all the lessons are completed, I will package them in one, beautiful volume and send you the entire file. Pre-order now for significant savings - and know that your patronage helps me continue creating, especially during this pandemic! If you purchase this listing, the download link you receive is a 1-page pdf describing the curriculum.


In Harmony is for children age 10 and up who have a firm foundation in unison singing. This is a great tool for homeschool co-operatives, small schools, or community choirs for young people to help them learn to sing in harmony. In addition to being able to confidently and accurately sing in unison, it is helpful, though not required, that your child be able to read simple notation. Many of the songs will also be playable on diatonic flute/recorder. Need more work on unison singing? Please check out Simply Music or Music Unfolds!


Each month for ten months, I will create a simple, beautiful lesson for you and the children in your life to explore partwork. I will share tried-and-true strategies for building confidence and independence and follow best practices for sharpening skills.


Each lesson includes:

  • High-quality songs appropriate for children ages 10+. 
  • Detailed instructions for introducing the harmonic concept and skill and tips for overcoming common issues.
  • An instrumental mp3 of every song and harmony part.
  • Video of every song and harmonic element.


In Harmony is non-seasonal and appropriate for public schools. Sacred music may be included, but in keeping with best practices in music education, all material (sacred and secular) will be of historical, cultural, and/or musical significance.

In Harmony - Digital

$30.00 Regular Price
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  • Lesson 1 only at this time. 9 pages; 2 preparatory games; 6 songs. Future lessons to be sent as PDF/mp3 files.

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