One of the aspects about Waldorf education in home or school that draws many parents is the circle time. But many families find as their children grow that Circle Time seems to lose its magic. "No, thanks, Mom - I'm not a baby!"


As children grow and develop, their needs change - but no matter our age, we all benefit from a daily time of centering before beginning daily work. In the past couple of years, I have found a way to have that time and to have it joyfully. We call it "Gathering Time." 


This lesson includes resources for four weeks of Gathering Time:

  • Tips for creating an inviting space.
  • Steps for entering your space with calm, gratitude, and movement.
  • Four stories from a variety of world traditions.
  • Artistic inspirations to help you and your children reflect on the story themes.
  • A closing verse and song.


"Gathering Time" is best for:


  • Families with at least one child age 9+.
  • Families who welcome diversity in sources and spiritual practices.
  • Families who are willing to try something new.


    Gathering Time 1 - Digital

    • 16 page PDF, 1 mp3.

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