Would you love to teach music at home, but you don't know where to begin? Let me help you!


First Steps is a previously recorded live session. The link to the unlisted YouTube video is part of my notes you receive as a pdf. 


Here is what I cover:

  • A brief comparison between traditional music education and Waldorf music education. What makes a Waldorf approach unique? What did Steiner say about teaching music? Which approach is best?
  • How to choose instruments.
  • The three steps in teaching music literacy, no matter what approach you choose.
  • Ideas for your first month of lessons.


No musical background is required. I have nearly 25 years experience teaching music to children, teens, adults, and even other music educators from various backgrounds and skill levels. Let me help you bring music to the children in your life simply, effectively, and joyfully.

First Steps Master Class

  • 1 mp4 for download; 2 pdfs - one of my notes for the class and one of the sheet music for the song I use in the class.