Have you ever wished you had your very own music teacher to help you find  your way? In these pre-recorded video lessons I help you learn and teach singing, playing flute or recorder, and reading music notation to the children in your life.


Within 24 hours of completing your purchase, I will send you information to access Lessons 1 - 5 on DropBox and Lesson 6 which lives here, on my site. These videos are very long - uploading to YouTube or hosting directly on my website were just not possible.


Here is what you can expect from each session in this 4+ hour-long series of master classes:

Lesson 1 - Getting Started. How is Waldorf music education unique? Choosing materials and supplies, inner work for music teaching, planning your year and your lessons, and using the most important instrument - your voice!


Lesson 2 - Teaching Songs for Singing. Tried-and-true strategies for teaching your children to sing beautifully, accurately, enthusiastically, and from memory.


Lesson 3 - First Lessons. Presenting, introducing, and caring for your instrument. Laying foundations for beautiful, accurate playing. Tools for transforming songs for singing to songs for playing.


Lesson 4 - Music for Children 9+. Naming musical concepts and skills - first steps in reading music notation. Strategies for teaching rhythmic concepts, melodic concepts, and more. How to incorporate other art forms and create practice activities. Starting "late."


Lesson 5 - Introducing Harmony. How do we know if children are ready? A map for success. Strategies for introducing and practicing in groups - and what to do with just one child.


Lesson 6  - Bringing It All Together. What does success look like? Ending at the beginning. (This video available on the All Site Members page for free!)


You get 4+ hours of inspiration, instruction, and demonstration. To get the most benefit from these sessions you will need paper, pencil, an instrument, and an open heart.


I have nearly 25 years experience teaching music to children, teens, adults, and even other music educators from various backgrounds and skill levels. Let me help you find your inner musician and bring music to the children in your life simply, effectively, and joyfully!


Want to see a sample? Check out the sixth session, available for free on the All Members page of the site. It's about beginning at the end - a great place to start!

Firm Foundations Masterclass Series