Meet Rhys, a seven year old who longs for a sword, but finds himself the recipient of a flute instead. Will he be successful training his eyes, ears, and fingers? And will the flute live up to legend and allow him to summon animals with his songs? Join him as he learns about the magical music within.


Are you looking for a short block to begin your first year of flute before jumping in to a complete flute curriculum? Or, is your child struggling with a beginner-level course and in need of something more basic? This 10-lesson plan will help you introduce the flute to your Grade 1 child imaginatively through simple stories and songs.


In just a few minutes for each lesson you will:

1. Present your child with their own instrument.

2. Teach your child how to care for their flute.

3. Teach your child how to hold the instrument, how to place the mouth, and how to breathe for a beautiful sound.

4. Introduce six songs and the fingerings for the notes of the G-pentatonic scale (DEGABD'E) Revisit these songs as needed throughout the year to reenforce fingering. In Grade 3, use these earliest songs as a supplement when learning note names.


Download includes: 14 page PDF Introduction to the block for parents Flute care tips and instructions Fingering charts for pentatonic and diatonic instruments 10 brief lessons 6 very simple songs 6 mp3s (instrumental only) Updated April 2020 to include instructions for accessing video - one for pentatonic flute users and one for diatonic flute users. Every song sung and played for parents and teachers to learn the songs on their own before presenting to their children.

A Flute Primer

  • Zipped file includes 1 PDF and 6 mp3 files (instrumental only).