Spring Cleaning And Family Playlist

Last week, I asked if you were getting the alone time you needed to recharge and shared one way I've been making that happen at our house. This week, I'm talking about getting the alone time you need with a good SPRING CLEANING with a modern twist. Here are four spring cleaning ideas to create more time for ourselves.

Here's my list:

  1. Social media. First, let me say that social media has literally been a lifeline for me. I know that some people really hate it, even blame it for many of the ills we are facing as a society, but for me, it is a way to connect to with family and friends, keep up with news without also subjecting my kids to it all, and of course, I use it for business. But periodically, I do go through and clean some things out. I leave groups that no longer serve my interests and unfollow pages that I haven't really engaged with in awhile. I even clean up my friends list - which I realize sounds horrifying to some, but it's part of how I make sure the time I spend on social media is positive, enriching, and reciprocal. If someone never interacts with me, or only interacts to argue, I consider that maybe that online friendship has run its course.

  2. Electronic mail. This is one I could really work on. I need to use the tools available from my various providers to filter messages, set up auto-replies, and more. But I also need to remind myself to take the time to hit "Unsubscribe".</