Off Duty Zones - Alone Together 24/7

Are you getting the alone time you need? Maybe that seems like a strange question after a year or more of isolation. But for me, now that we are vaccinated and are spending time once again with other vaccinated adults, I'm finding that I need more time to recharge after forays into the world than I did pre-pandemic. I've gotten used to isolation. In fact, I've joked with friends that I'm basically feral now (and I'm only half-joking). As a confirmed introvert, alone time has been on my mind this week a lot! But first, it's good to be back (I think). I took a long hiatus from blogging. With the events and changes of the past year, now feels as good a time as any to get back to it. This week we were able to see my bonus dad* for the first time in a long, long time. We took the plunge, made the drive, and had a wonderful time. After a few days together and a trip to the zoo, I travelled home solo so the boys could have some time with Papa all to themselves.

Scooter Surfs a Tortoise

And now, home with just my husband and our pets, I am feeling such a mix of emotions. Gratitude for Pops' presence in our lives, a vaccine, the means to travel. Anxiety about how my kids will do