Apples and Oranges - Waldorf v. Traditional

Apples and oranges - similar but different, right? Apples are especially delicious in the fall - sweet, crunchy, nourishing. They are so versatile, too - pies, muffins, dried. As for oranges, can anything beat that fresh fragrance? And so juicy, so sweet! Both are great sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. But they are just not the same! That's what you will find in my shop - some apples and some oranges, some Waldorf and some traditional resources. And what you choose will be determined by what you are looking for. The Music Unfolds collection is the Waldorf-true collection and everything else is only Waldorf-inspired. So, what does that mean?

Waldorf pedagogy is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century and has inspired schools, co-ops, and homeschools like ours all over the world. It is impossible to encapsulate all that Waldorf-Steiner education means in a blog post, but one of the many elements that makes it so unique is it's timeline for the introduction of formal academics - including the introduction of formal music education. Steiner believed formal music education should begin at or around seven years of age and that teaching names and symbols for musical concepts and skills should be delayed until about age 9. This is very different from what you will find in a traditional music education classroom! Music Unfolds is based on Steiner's ideas - introducing names, symbols and skills on his timeline and not the traditional music education timeline. Additionally, since Steiner believed children should learn to play a blown instrument, a Waldorf-true curriculum will include teaching the pentatonic flute and diatonic flute/recorder. Music Unfolds follows this timeline and includes instruction on a blown instrument - as well as a wealth of other Waldorf goodness created by Melisa Nielsen, seasoned Waldorf mom, curriculum author and mentor. Music Unfolds includes stories, handwork, and recipes - all elements of bringing a true Waldorf education to your child. (See more of what Melisa has to offer at