I started writing a few weeks ago about how I manage to get the time I need to recharge. Read those posts here and here. This week, I'm writing about acceptance. Specifically, accepting that the only thing in our rhythm that I know will never vary is that nothing stays the same forever. Just when I figure out the perfect, flowing, gentle rhythm for our family, one that allows me the time I need alone, something inevitably changes! Just when we hit our stride, there is a bump in the road (or a pandemic or a 100-year snowstorm) and we have to adjust. It is so hard to accept that what worked beautifully a few months ago isn't working now!

Do you ever feel like that? Over the past year, I've felt like that more often than usual, but the feeling isn't new itself. Just when I figured out how to manage one child - I went and had another one. Just when I felt like I was getting the hang of things as a mom of two - we moved almost four hours away from our support system. Just when I was getting the hang of having a child attending school - we realized we needed to school him at home. Almost seven years later and the only thing I know is not going to change is that things are always changing.

I used to let these transitions really throw me into a cycle of self-critici