A Simpler Path

As we come to the end of our first year in business, I am in pursuit of a simpler path. I am just too busy - too busy with work, too busy with homeschool, too busy with homemaking, too busy with outside commitments - just way too busy! This year, I'm slowing down and I'm committed to the KISS method. Have you heard of it? It stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid!" or "Keep It Simple, Sweetie!" if you prefer. I've heard this aphorism in seminars for time management, goal setting, project management, and education. And while I agree with the general premise, it makes me laugh every time. Because often, life is anything but simple, right? But this Waldorf-inspired, homeschooling, work at home mom is going to strive for exactly that!

For many homeschooling families in the US, we are coming to an exciting time of year - the end of one school year, and planning time for the next. It's a time of year that brings mixed emotions for all of us. I am so proud of the work we have done this year, as well as a bit exhausted, and I'm excited for things to come. I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed. There are just so many things to consider! Did my children really internalize the lessons I tried to teach? Did we spend enough time on math facts? Did we do enough modeling/knitting/form drawing? And looking ahead, am I really up to the task for the next grade level? Will I be able to teach about cultures I know so little about - or will I be over my head with reading and preparation? And it is time for my youngest child to begin academics - am I in for the same struggle I had with his older brother? Is it going to be another few years of gritting my teeth, faking it until I make it, and trying to remain positive in the face of strong negativity and resistance?

And on top of those questions, there are also the never-ending ones concerning my home and my own deep and personal goals. There's a book I want to write, and I find myself the president of a new nonprofit established for animal rescue that needs my organizational and public relations skills. I've taken great strides to become more active and more physically fit, and running several 5Ks and a 10K are on my to-do list this year. That training takes time. And what about the many things others expect from me? I get asked to do a lot of extras - all good, worthy projects, activities that would likely be very helpful and meaningful to others. And beyond all of the expectations from others and my expectations for myself - I'd like to deepen my connection with my spouse, travel, and generally enjoy life!