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At Hearth & Gnome, we want to help parents and educators bring learning experiences steeped in music, story, and imagination to the children in their lives whether that is in a traditional school setting, the home, or a community group.

We offer a variety of music curriculum for Waldorf homeschool, general homeschool curriculum and Spanish homeschool curriculum.

The options for children's music available to parents and educators can be overwhelming and we aim to stand out in the crowd. Best practices and tried-and-true methods are essential, but true magic happens when we make meaningful connections

That is why all of our materials help you and your children share the joy of learning face to face. We want to help you tell stories, teach songs, experience nature, and dive into new things together.

We also want to encourage you to get out into nature! Observing and experiencing the natural world is part of everything we offer whether it is a Song & Story Circle, a Sing & Speak Spanish lesson, one of our music curricula, or one of our hand-made story-telling props.

We want to make the world a brighter and more beautiful place by fostering a deep love for our diverse community and this magnificent Earth that is our home.

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Music. Story. Imagination.