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My goal is to help bring music, story, and imagination into homes, homeschool cooperatives, and schools all over the world. All of my curriculum follows a Waldorf or Waldorf-inspired path and is written with beginners in mind! You will find a variety of music curriculum as well as tools for teaching Spanish. 
New in 2020
Music Unfolds, my Waldorf music program, and Seedlings already include video of every song, but I have added video to accompany Puentes de Español. Festival/Holiday sets are my next project! Seeing and hearing the songs makes it so much easier for you to learn it yourself and teach it to your children. 
On the horizon, I am working on a new Waldorf-true curriculum called Simply Music. Less planning, non-seasonal, and more open-and go. I am also working on sets to follow Music for Passover - collections for High Holy Days, and Hanukkah. Want to know when these are ready? Join my mailing list.
Together, we can make the world a brighter and more beautiful place by fostering a deep love for music, our diverse community, and this magnificent Earth that is our home.
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Music. Story. Imagination.